Hock Kee Group | Hock Kee Hor Ka Sai Coffee 福气虎咬师咖啡

Hock Kee Hor Ka Sai Coffee 福气虎咬师咖啡




Hock Kee Hor Ka Sai Coffee – Unique Malaysian Flavor “Hock Kee Hor Ka Sai Coffee” presents the distinctive and nostalgic taste of Malaysia by blending the national beverage, Milo, with rich premium coffee. This unique combination reflects a bygone era with its special and vintage aroma. The subtle milky fragrance of Milo, combined with the coffee aroma from carefully selected coffee beans, transports individuals back to the 1950s-60s in Malaysia. It not only represents the essence of nostalgia but also embodies the unique heritage of Malaysia. “Hock Kee Hor Ka Sai Coffee” stands as a treasure for coffee and Milo enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the unique flavor profile of Malaysia.






盒装:35g×10包(sachets) 冲泡方法:

1.将一包福气虎咬狮倒入杯里 Put one sachet of Hock Kee Hor Ka SAi Coffee in your cup

2.再加入热水冲调 Pour hot water into the cup

3.搅拌均匀即可享用 Stir and ready to serve