Hock Kee Group | Hock Kee White Milk Tea 福气乡味奶茶

Hock Kee White Milk Tea 福气乡味奶茶




❤The master craftsman, with an artisanal spirit, has meticulously blended multiple times to present the perfect hometown flavor of Fuqi Milk Tea. Crossing races and borders, we wholeheartedly bring together the nostalgic tea aroma and smooth milk, creating a reaction that transcends space. In less than a minute, you can immerse yourself in the blissful aroma of milk tea, bringing happiness and joy to every day. Whenever and wherever, just gently tear open the packaging, brew with hot water, and what it brings you is not just a cup of milk tea but a day of good fortune and well-being.


Shopee Link: https://shp.ee/thunulw





Put one sachet of Hock Kee White Milk Tea in your cup

Pour150ml hot water into the cup

Stir and ready to serve