Hock Kee Group | Hock Kee Premium Instant Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar PLus Collagen 福气碗装即食燕窝胶原蛋白

Hock Kee Premium Instant Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar PLus Collagen 福气碗装即食燕窝胶原蛋白


每日燕窝,滋补养颜 特聘燕窝师精心挑选上好乌燕,并采用安全管理系统(HACCP)认证,以高科技配上食品卫生制度。 制作过程绝对产道,卫生,安全及可容,其包装以真空封盖,然后再以 全自动灭国真空包装处理,确保燕窝维持燕窝的高品质。其品质上楼。 更是一家大小的优质营养品,本品轻便让您能随时享用。一口福气燕窝入喉,仿佛能够踏雪飞燕,成为天宫仙女。


Daily Bird’s Nest, Nourishing and Beautifying Our specially appointed bird’s nest master carefully selects the finest swiftlet nests and employs the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification for a high-tech and hygienic food safety system. The production process is meticulously managed, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and maximum capacity. The packaging involves vacuum sealing, followed by a fully automated national vacuum packaging process to guarantee the high quality of the bird’s nest. This premium nutritional supplement is suitable for individuals of all ages and is conveniently packaged for you to enjoy anytime. With every mouthful of Fuqi Bird’s Nest, it feels as if you can soar like a swiftlet through the snow, transcending to become a celestial fairy in the heavenly palace.








将本品置于溫水中加热,即可趁热食用。 Place the product in warm water and enjoy it while it is warm.

B.冷饮 将本品加入冰块或放入雪柜冷藏,开封后即可享用。

Add some ice cubes or store in the freezer before enjoying the bird’s nest dessert.



保存:请将本品置于阴凉干爽处,开封后,于一小时内饮用 Storage:Keep in cold and dry place,Drink within 1 hour after open