Hock Kee Group | Hock Kee Coffee(Original) 福气原味咖啡

Hock Kee Coffee(Original) 福气原味咖啡


老师傅以匠心精神调配多次,只为呈现最完美的福气原味咖啡给你 福气原味咖啡精心挑选优良的阿拉比卡种(Arabica)、罗布斯塔种(Robusta)、利比里亚种(Liberica)咖啡豆,采取最完美的黄金比例调配出这袋让人忘却烦恼及疲劳的原味咖啡,一口福气咖啡,带来的不只是提高腎上腺素及快乐多巴胺的愉悦及提升感,还能带来属于自己独有的疗愈。


The master craftsman, with an artisanal spirit, has meticulously blended multiple times to present you with the perfect original flavor of Hock Kee Original Coffee. Hock Kee Original Coffee carefully selects premium Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica coffee beans, harmoniously combining them in the golden ratio to create this bag of coffee that helps you forget worries and fatigue. A sip of Fuqi Coffee not only brings joy and an increased sense of happiness by boosting adrenaline and dopamine but also provides a unique therapeutic experience.






盒装:12g×10包(sachets) 冲泡方法:


1.将一包福气原味咖啡倒入杯里 Put one sachet of Hock Kee Coffee(Original) in your cup


2.再加入150ml的热水冲调 Pour150ml hot water into the cup


3.搅拌均匀即可享用 Stir and ready to serve