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Hock Kee Pan Mee & Kolo Mee

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Pan Mee & Kolo Mee

福气风干手工哥罗面及板面-让你吃出温情, 吃出文青也吃出健康 为何选择福气手工面 纯天然材料 相比市面上的方便面,福气面让大家在家也可以吃到健康的面,它不含味精,防腐剂,添加剂,色素和人造原料。由高筋面粉,天然薯粉,水和蛋(哥罗面)组成, 让你能够轻松在家,为自己和家人准备一顿健康的食物   含有丰富的蛋白质 福气风干手工面不但不含人添加剂料,由高蛋白质的高筋面粉制成的面同时也能够提供我们每日所需的蛋白质   我们的是风干面 市面上的方便面都是通过油炸方式好让面的口感酥脆。福气风干面则使用、拉面技术将面风干,虽然风干过程费时,但是这样面就就变得软滑劲道,顺口和有弹性,通过风干过程,让福气风干板面和哥罗面不含胆固醇   特制方便酱料包 从传统的香油口味(素),麻辣口味(素),菜脯香辣口味(素)和双味口味 (荤)的所有酱料包都是纯天然制作, 不含防腐剂,不含人工添加剂和色素,在密封酱料包之前都会进行烹煮和消毒,使得酱料包可以在密封状态下维持十到十二个月 香油口味(素)- 无辣口味,适合喜欢吃清谈的食用者 麻辣口味(素)- 麻辣的辣,适合喜欢吃辣的食用者 菜脯香辣口味(素)  - 口味香辣,适合喜欢吃辣的食用者 双位口味(荤) - 拥有两种酱包,有香油酱包及特制虾米辣酱。食用者可选择口味或搅拌一起吃。另有一种体验 送礼佳品 精美文青的包装设计,绝对是送礼的最佳选择。 🛒点击购买:   Why choose Hock Kee handmade Noodles? Natural Ingredients As easy and fast to prepare as other instant noodles in the market, Hock Kee Noodles does not contain MSG, preservatives, colorings and artificial additives. Made of high-protein flour, cassava, water and eggs (Kolo Mee). Fast and easy  to cook In less than 10 minutes, you can prepare a nutritious meal for you and your family at home. Rich in Protein Traditional air-dried handmade noodles not only free of additives, the noodles made from high-protein flour can provide our daily protein intake Traditional air- dried noodles process The instant noodles in the market are fried with oil to make the noodles crispy.  Hock Kee air-dried noodles use ramen technology to air-dry the noodles. Although the air-drying process takes longer time, the noodles become softer, smoother and more elastic. Through the air-drying process, Hock Kee air-dried Pan mee and Sarawak Kolo mee are cholesterol free. Special formulated sauce pack A mixture of  the traditional fragrance vegetable oil flavor , vegetarian Chilli Radish flavor, vegetarian Mala flavor & double flavor (non Vegetarian), all the sauce packs are made of  natural ingredients. It does not contain preservatives, artificial additives and colorings ,  it was cooked and sterilized before sealing, the sauce package can be stored for ten to twelve months shelve life Enjoy eating Hock Kee Noodles healthily with peace of mind :) Click & Buy read more
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Hock Kee Fried White Bee Hoon Seafood 招牌香炒海鲜白米粉
Hock Kee Fried White Bee Hoon 招牌香炒白米粉
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HKM Fragrance Oil Hock Kee Kolo Mee Noodles (Vegetarian) 传统福气哥罗面 (素)干捞拌面条 120g

HKM Fragrance Oil Hock Kee Kolo Mee Noodles (Vegetarian) 传统福气哥罗面 (素)干捞拌面条 120g

RM 4.50

Postage Fee:West Malaysia: RM: 6 ( 1kg to 3 kg)East Malaysia: RM 14 ( 1kg )Please contact us to confirm the postage fee read more
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